Retailer Support



At epay we value your feedback and strongly encourage you to share all comments and enquiries you may have with our team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further queries or questions not covered in our FAQ, please call epay Customer Care on: 1300 301 408

Run out of paper?
Call Customer Care to order new rolls. You receive 15 rolls per order and delivery takes 2-3 working days. Remember to order before you run out to avoid losing important sales.

Terminal displaying an error message?
epay’s terminals have a 99.9% non-failure rate, so errors are rare. In the event that you do receive an error message, most cases are easily resolved with a short call to Customer Care.

What is a Terminal ID number (TID)?
A Terminal’s ID number (TID) is the number used to identify each individual terminal or integrated POS within a retail group or independent store.

Where do I find my Terminal ID number?
Your terminal’s ID number (TID) is the 8 digit number found on all vouchers printed out by that particular terminal.

What is a Retailer ID number (RID)?
A Retailer ID number (RID) is a 6 digit number used to identify each retail group or independent store.

Where do I find my Retailer ID number (RID)?
Your Retailer ID (RID/RetailerACC) can be found on all invoices and bank statements from epay.

What’s an Admin code?
An Admin code is a manager’s log-on that allows them to do refunds, add, delete and update users, pre-print and post-print barcodes and set the terminal to training mode. All retailers should have an admin code to allow the manager control over all functions of the terminal and to administer staff and track sales.

What is a Sales code?
A sales code is a user log-on that can be set-up for each individual staff member. Depending on the level of authority (selected by the admin-user) the staff member can make sales, issue refunds and print reports with their own unique log-in. It is important for every staff member to have their own code. In the event of an error the manager can obtain a record of every user’s sales for that day from epay.