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epay Australia and LifePay offer alternative payment methods

epay Australia partners with fintech digital payment solution LifePay to provide customers with flexible payment options.

The partnership allows customers to utilise digital wallets to purchase ESD/PIN prepaid content available via epay. It will enable LifePay to leverage epay’s extensive network which spans 50 countries.

Processing more than 1.3 billion transactions globally in 2021, epay Australia has a retailer network of 719,000 points-of-sale in 39 countries. Since its inception in March 2021, it has boarded 30,000 customers in its platform.

LifePay app also delivers cross-border remittance services so customers can send money easier and pay Australian bills with international currencies through integrations with international digital wallets.

“We are proud to be partnering with an innovative technical market leader in LifePay to offer customers a feature rich digital experience making it exciting and enjoyable, whilst at the same time bringing our 26,000 strong Australian Retailer Network with us along the journey,” says epay Australia country manager Matthew Blayney.

“With the transformational shift in the payments landscape, instant connections and payment processing is of paramount importance to consumers. We are committed to offering our exclusive content, now with the support of epay Australia, to our rapidly-growing customer base who desire a more seamless and personalised service for their purchases,” concludes LifePay executive chairman David Gao.