Thank you! Your application has been successfully submitted!


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Once you receive the gift cards

  1. Set up your gift cards as per the Plan-O-Gram (POG) instructions that you will receive with your gift cards.
  2. We will also need a photo of the finished Plan-O-Gram (POG) complete with gift cards, to make sure the requirements are met.
  3. When we update our POGs we will only send these updates to sites that continue to send photos of execution showing that the gift card display is properly merchandised.
  4. We will also require a photo after each POG change.
  5. epay will only replenish cards as they are sold so take care of them.
  6. Additional gift cards or cards outside of the POG cannot be ordered.

If approved, epay will:

  1. Communicate the Plan-O-Gram (POG) based on your POG size selection.
  2. Dispatch gift cards with display (if applicable) to you.