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Voiding a Sale

Voiding a Sale

Important information about voiding a sale
When making a sale, always take special care to ensure you print the correct voucher, because once printed, the PIN on the voucher is just as valuable as money. Remember to clarify with your customer before printing the voucher to be certain you understand their request and that they haven’t requested the wrong product.

Double check when your terminal asks you to confirm (YES/NO) that the product you’ve entered is the correct product the customer requested. If you pressed YES you may still cancel the sale when the terminal asks PAYMENT APPROVED - YES/NO. At this stage take payment from the customer, before selecting YES and printing the voucher.

If the voucher doesn’t work - your customer needs to call the network that provided the product. If the customer leaves the counter, then returns and tells you they have changed their mind or purchased the wrong product - do not void their sale. Voids can be made only if the customer hasn’t used the PIN. If you refund the customers money and the voucher is subsequently found to be used, the network provider will charge you for the sale and you will bear the costs.

You should only make a void if:

  • You printed the wrong product
  • There is a problem with the printing and for some reason the PIN cannot be read Voids can be made for most products within 72 hours of the sale (with the exception of iTunes products which cannot be voided). For Visa products, voids must be made within 10 minutes of the sale and the card or voucher is necessary to do so.

To void a sale follow the instructions in your user guide or call epay Customer Care: 1300 301 408